Very Deep Songwriting. Format: Audio CD Woody's albums are great. The thing that this albums sticks out for is the stunning songwriting. See "Antenna" on you tube. His covers are always good. ” - Josh Polak

Amazon Music Store

This is a perfect album!  5.0 out of 5 stars This is a perfect Rock, Folk, Progressive and Pop album. Great songs with great singing playing; perfectly produced. There is a good variety here to keep you engaged from start to finish. Why this guy is not VERY VERY well know and performing on national TV is a mystery to me. He has several very fine albums to check out and it's my understanding a new one is on the way. ” - Joshua Polak, Owner, Music Store & Venue

Guitars of Pikesville - Baltimore, MD

Hugely Talented 5.0 out of 5 stars  Woody Lissauer is an amazing musician and songwriter. His songs are unbelievably good. I would put him in the ranks of Leonard Cohen when it comes to songwriting. He also has a great voice and the music and accompaniments make for an addictive listening experience. Highly recommended.” - Anna Jung

Amazon Music

 Woody Lissauer's "Adventures..." Is WONDERFUL!  This review is from: Adventures & Misadventures in Loveland (MP3 Music) I recently purchased, and then listened to from start to finish, your CD "Adventures & Misadventures in Loveland." So wonderful, especially in its entirety. We've had the pleasure of hearing you perform live several times. The musicianship and production of the album is so wonderful! I personally feel like you have a unique niche that stands out from "similarly-genred" artists. Cheers on the success of a terrific album!” - PJ Patti Patricia

Amazon Music Store

I have always held especial liking for musicians and artists who work outside the box. Woody Lissauer is one of those individuals that hold a special place, his art is touching and highly emotional. It moves me and makes me smile. The man behind the creation of the Astro Folk style, Woody boasts a broad vocal range and guitar mastery that few other musicians are capable of achieving. Lissauer's newest album Adventures and Misadventures in Loveland is his third solo production. This album is a journey in a world of emotions. The lyrical and tender Antennae is counterbalanced by the instrumental complication of songs like Victoria. All of the songs are inspired by the search for the perfect soulmate. ” - Chief Editor

'Round Magazine

“(WL) is an experienced record producer..complex and interwoven tapestry of sounds...blending signals from (devises) creates a special sound that seemed to captivate each listener. His passion...evident in his voice, his expressions and his talent...speak to the heart and touch the soul.”” - Norma Bosley

Owings Mills Times

 One of the most naturally musical recordings I’ve ever heard.    An inventive mix of a wide variety of genres, each painted with delicate nuances appropriate to its style. —Glenn Hammett, writer for 'Hi Fi Heretic', 'the absolute sound', 'The Tracking Angle' and 'Sounds Like…' magazines. ” - Glenn Hammett

— Hi Fi Heretic

“...he's always amazed me with how well he plays so many different things!...a true professional (Roses) what a great Pop song! It deserved the radio time it got. Woody is truly a gifted, more than that, a gifted artist!” Doc Nolder - Static Chain - Best of Baltimore” - Doc Nolder

— Static Chain - Best of Baltimore

A good variety of POP, progressive and folk! Format: MP3 Music Woody Lissauer is just great. His songs are brilliant. His singing is just great. The covers are rewrites instead of just being copies of the originals. The Somebody to Love is great fun. Listen to all of his albums starting with the one just called Woody Lissauer and go from there. It's all better than good. ” - Joshua Polak, Owner, Music Store & Venue

Guitars of Pikesville

5.0 out of 5 stars   The arrangement of John Barleycorn Must Die on this CD is fantastic! I highly recommend it. ” - Kurt Krueckeberg

Amazon Music

Thank you for sharing such talent Your CD seems to be frequenting my car CD player more often. As I continue to listen to your music the more I realize your musical and lyrical talents. You have great variety in style but also depth in these styles and are able to successfully and complexly blend these styles into true musical art. Thank you for sharing such talent.” —Stan Krol, Ellicott City, MD” - Stan Krol

W.L. Website

The Coriolis Effect

Performance of original classical guitar piece, by Woody Lissauer (please consider to 'Like' Woody Lissauer Music : ) Location shots: Barcelona, Spain Stage shots: Baltimore, USA Location camera: Barbara Ireland Stage camera: Richard Loebelson Audio production: Gene Ingham, Woody Lissauer Mastering: Charlie Pilzer Video production: Woody LissauerSubscribe to - thanks so much! ♫

Posted by Woody Lissauer Music on Monday, March 23, 2015

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